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Dripping supplement & attractant that keeps deer around all year

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Trophy Wild Supplements makes two products – Bazooka and Oozie – both designed to attract and hold deer on your property. To make these products, moisture is first cooked out of molasses and while the molasses taffy is hot, corn and salt are mixed in – creating a very tasty combination that whitetails can’t resist. (Also works great for elk!)

These unique and highly palatable products instantly drip molasses and continue to ooze for months, attracting deer to where you want them. Hang in front of your treestand (if legal in your state) or in front of your trail camera.

Why use Trophy Wildlife Supplements?
Dr. Bill's Bazooka Deer Attractant

  • All products come preloaded with 60% of a slow release Crystallized Sugar Cane Molasses + 30% Salt + 10% Ground Corn – a tasty combination.
  • Products drip 6 to 12 months in all weather conditions.
  • Hunter tested – some saying these products are unsurpassed for attracting bucks to their trail cameras.
  • Low cost – about $3/month!
  • Do they really work? Check the trail cam photos below.
  • This is a one-of-a-kind product line that you will not find in major hunting supply stores.
  • All pricing is delivered pricing – anywhere in the lower 48 states.

How to Buy? You can order right off their website! Click Here to visit their online store

Interested in becoming a dealer/distributor? Click Here to visit the TWS Contact Page

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