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Water-soluble nutritional supplement made specifically for whitetail deer

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RacH2O is a completely water-soluble nutritional supplement for white-tailed deer. The supplement is in powdered form and readily dissolves in water. Ingestion of RacH2O in liquid form ensures high bioavailability of the vitamins and minerals.

RacH2O contains no salt. Salt is found in all other deer mineral products and is used as an attractant. High salt intake leads to many problems including dehydration and calcium wasting in the urine. Water is the attractant for RacH2O, which every deer needs. The contents of the nutritional supplement are optimized in order to enhance antler growth, milk production and fawn development.

Why use RacH2O?

Whitetail buck on mineral site

Whitetail at the RacH2O tub.

  • RacH2O keeps trophy bucks on your property during all hunting seasons – bow, gun and muzzleloader.
  • RacH2O is a patent pending nutritional supplement developed by a wildlife biologist, medical student and deer management specialists.
  • Contains vital vitamins and minerals needed for increased antler growth, milk production and fawn development.

Calcium is the key mineral needed for antler development…

  • RacH2O contains a very soluble form of calcium in which absorption is independent of pH.
  • All other deer supplements on the market contain very insoluble forms of calcium, such as calcium carbonate or calcium phosphate.
  • These common forms of calcium found in other supplements are cheap and need a very low pH in order to be broken down by the deer.
  • If the mineral is not metabolized, the deer will not absorb it and it will be excreted.

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