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High-Quality, Durable & Portable Round Hay Bale Blinds

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Made in the Midwest… To Handle the Midwest!
Prairie Hunting Blinds (PHB) are round hay bale blinds built to handle the Midwest wind. They will not blow over, cave in with a heavy snow, or flop around when you have weary whitetails coming in. You can hunt deer, antelope, turkey, coyotes, and even waterfowl out of these blinds. They are made with real hay and look exactly like the bales your big buck has walked by a thousand times before. If you hunt with a bow, gun or even a camera, this is what you need.

What portable hunting blind can you stand on top of? What portable hunting blind can you put on a trailer with a couple straps and go down the interstate at 75mph and not damage a thing? The answer is PRAIRIE HUNTING BLINDS!”

Round Hay Bale Blind

PHB’s are the perfect round bale blind to fool whitetails, turkey & other big game!

Using a Prairie Hunting Blind will definitely help you become invisible to your game, but it will also help you stay in the field longer because it protects you from the elements much better than any pop-up blind. The real hay covering acts as insulation and keeps the warmth in and cold and wet conditions out. What better way to get kids out hunting than in a nice warm ground blind that they can move around in?

Each of our hay bale blinds is approximately 6 feet tall, 6 feet wide, 6 feet long, and around 150 lbs. Big enough to give you plenty of room, sturdy enough to handle Mother Nature, yet small and light enough for one hunter to transfer on and off a trailer.

How to Buy? To order, give Adam a call at 605-214-1901 or visit the PHB website to send an email. You can also find Prairie Hunting Blinds at a few of the major Midwest hunting expos (go to website for a list of expos).

Interested in Becoming a Dealer/Distributor? Give Adam a call at 605-214-1901.

If you’re looking for a blind that looks EXACTLY like a hay bale, Prairie Hunting Blinds are EXACTLY what you are looking for!

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