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Connecting hunters & anglers with places to enjoy their passion

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Property to productively hunt and fish is difficult to come by. As development grows many productive areas are usually under private ownership. For years hunters and anglers looking for private access would fuel up their car, drive all day, knock on countless doors, and come home with little or no success, typically wasting a tank of gas and whole day’s worth of work. OPN is here to connect landowners to hunters and anglers looking to acquire permission on private property.

At OPN we have created a way to connect avid outdoors people who enjoy recreational hunting and angling to landowners who are looking to rent a portion of their land. This is a way for the landowner to make a passive income off a section of their property, while the outdoor enthusiast would be able to hunt/fish property that would normally be private and off-limits.

We are a one-stop-shop where landowners can post properties for lease, hunters and anglers can view/review properties in their region, and individuals can connect with lodge owners and guides throughout the area. We are dedicated to serving outdoor enthusiasts and landowners, and are 100% free to use.

Lease or Sell Hunting Property

Find or offer hunting leases with The Outdoor Property Network

Why use OPN?
Millions of people this year will take to the water and forests and enjoy their hobby. At OPN we are trying to take the stress out of finding productive properties, allowing you to focus on your passion.

Benefits of using OPN:

  • 100% FREE, no commission, no strings attached, communication is strictly between landowners and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Search or list property based on geo-location
  • Find productive hunting and fishing locations near you
  • Selective search options based on location, game, terrain, price
  • Network with private landowners
  • Establish a passive income/lease a portion of your property
  • Local, outdoor related buy and sell
  • Informative articles on outdoor related news
  • Comprehensive lodge listings where you can plan your perfect getaway
  • Promote the outdoor tradition within the community

Check us out! Search for properties! List your property! Visit http://www.outdoorpropertynetwork.com/

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