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Oak Creek Outfitters

Guided hunts in South Dakota for whitetail deer, mule deer, antelope, Merriam turkey, and prairie dog

Phone: 605-840-0182
Website: http://www.oakcreekhunting.com/

An outfitter dedicated to becoming the best…
With a combination of family, leased, and tribal land, Oak Creek Outfitters offers you thousands of acres of some of the best hunting you will find anywhere. South-central South Dakota has amazing whitetail hunting, big mule deer, plenty of antelope, lots of white-tipped Merriam’s, and enough prairie dogs to shoot for days and days. If you’ve never hunted the area, you’re definitely missing out on some great opportunities.

I have lived and hunted in South Dakota my whole life and only recently decided to offer my land and services to other hunters. As a new outfitter, I am dedicated to giving each of my clients a hunt that is well worth their time and money. I want my hunters to return every year and be confident that they will get a high-caliber trip each time. If you’re looking for a great deer, antelope, turkey, or prairie dog hunt, I would be more than happy to make it happen for you.” Myles McIntyre, Owner | 605-840-0182

South Dakota Deer Hunting
Our SD deer hunts take place in Tripp and Mellette counties (private & tribal land) and we have good numbers of both whitetail and mule deer. The terrain varies greatly in this area. You will hunt on a combination of flat crop lands, wooded creeks, shelter belts, and deeper river breaks. We offer all types of hunts — rifle, muzzleloader, and bowhunts, and the past few years have been very successful.

South Dakota Turkey Hunting
Our Merriam turkey hunts are very popular and extremely successful. We offer both archery and shotgun hunts on both private and tribal land in the Spring. Turkey hunting is one of our favorites and we would be more than happy to help you put a white-tipped Merriam on your wall.

South Dakota Hunting
South Dakota Antelope Hunting
We do offer a few antelope hunts on tribal ground every year (rifle only). Tags can be tough to get, but the hunting has been very good the past few years. You will see plenty of speed goats and your chances of shooting a nice buck are very good.

South Dakota Prairie Dog Hunting
Prairie dog hunting is one of our specialties. The best time to come out is late May or early June (when the pups are out). However, we get in some very good shooting all through the Summer. If you are the type of hunter who likes to shoot, a SD prairie dog hunt is about as good as it gets. Pack your sunblock and lots of ammunition because when conditions get good, this is an all-day shootout.

Tribal Hunts
Because I am a registered hunting guide for the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, I have access to thousands of acres of prime hunting ground. All of the private land hunts above can also be done on the reservation. This gives you many more license options, as well as, a backup plan in case you do not draw your SD private land tags.

For more info about Oak Creek’s operations, rates, and accommodations, please visit the website (www.oakcreekhunting.com) or call Myles at 605-840-0182.

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