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Most of the hunting community regards South Dakota as the “Pheasant Capital of the World”… and trust me, it is. But the state also offers other excellent big and small game opportunities. Some very good deer hunting (both whitetail & mule deer), pronghorn antelope, Merriam’s turkey, grouse, dove, duck, goose, and coyote hunts can all be found in SD. Another very popular hunt is South Dakota prairie dog hunting. If you like to throw a lot of rounds down range, a prairie dog shoot is highly recommended. Below you will find quality outfitters, guides, and lodges in South Dakota for all the hunting trips listed above. Please take a look and see what service best fits your needs. Guiding hunters to success is their business and they do it very well.

Featured South Dakota Outfitters

River View Lodge booth

Western South Dakota hunts for mule deer, whitetail, antelope, coyote & Merriam turkey on a private ranch.

Link to Double K's Booth

Hunts in South Dakota & Nebraska for pheasant, deer, turkey, antelope, prairie dog & coyote.

Rockin Ringnecks booth

Prime pheasant hunting, new lodges, great guides & plenty of fun after the hunt in Dallas, SD!

Link to Oak Creek Booth

Private & tribal land hunts for mule deer, antelope, Merriam turkey & prairie dog in South Dakota.

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Use the image links below to narrow your guide search.

South Dakota Pheasant Page

There’s a reason South Dakota is called
the mecca of pheasant hunting!

South Dakota Bowhunting Page

Find archery hunts in SD for deer, antelope, turkey & more!

South Dakota Whitetail Deer Page

Opportunities are pretty diverse across the state. Find the right outfitter for you.

South Dakota Turkey Page

Every turkey hunter needs a Merriam on their wall. South Dakota has plenty!

South Dakota Mule Deer Page

Head to the western half of the state for some very good mule deer action.

South Dakota Antelope Page

South Dakota is a hidden gem in the antelope hunting world.

South Dakota Grouse Page

You can find outfitters with sharptails AND prairie chickens in South Dakota.

South Dakota Duck Page

Eastern South Dakota has some great outfitters & very good duck hunting.

South Dakota Goose Page

The state is a major nesting & flyway area for waterfowl.

South Dakota Dove Page

No better way to get ready for Fall wingshooting than a September dove hunt!

South Dakota Coyote Page

The winter months are perfect for chasing yotes in South Dakota.

South Dakota Prairie Dog Page

When conditions are good, you can burn up your barrel shooting prairie dogs!

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