Cariboo Mountain Outfitters

Moose, Black Bear, Grizzly, Mule Deer, Mountain Lion, Wolf, Lynx

British Columbia hunting outfitter & lodge offering Moose, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Mule Deer, Mountain Lion, Lynx, and Wolf hunts.

Big game hunting in Northern British Columbia…
We have an exclusive guiding area of over 2500 square miles of fine hunting country. Principal big game includes Grizzly Bear, Moose, Mule Deer, Black Bear and Wolves. Hunters can choose to hunt on horse, 4-wheel drive, or boat. Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional, unforgettable guided hunt or backcountry fishing adventure. We cater to hunters and fishermen from every ability level. For a superior Rocky Mountain wilderness tour, contact Cariboo Mountain Outfitters.

The area I operate was founded by my parents, Hap and Clara Bowden, who guided this area since the early 1950′s before guide areas were established. I purchased the area in 1977 and Lori joined me in 1978 and we have operated the same area since that time. I have spent my whole life in this area guiding clients and trapping since I was in my early teens, some 42 years now. Lori has brought a career in nursing to the business and, since all of our children have grown up and left for greener pastures, we now have built a new lodge in the middle of our area to spend and share the beauty of this country with our clients.” Brad Bowden, Owner | 778-786-0847

British Columbia Moose Hunting
Cariboo Mountain Outfitters prides ourselves in high quality Moose hunts. We only allow four sportsmen in camp at any time, which allows us to provide personal service to each client. We only book clients that our quota allows. Any antlered Moose is legal to harvest. Success has been 90% on showing clients a legal Moose to harvest. Mule Deer, Black Bear and Wolves may also be harvested.

British Columbia Mule Deer
Mule Deer can be taken on fall hunts along with Moose in September, October and November. We take trophy hunts for Mule Deer only when they are rutting in November. These are great hunts to harvest some big Mulies. Wolves may also be harvested.

British Columbia Black Bear Hunts
Our spring Bear hunts are conducted by four wheel drive, jet boat and foot. Horseback if so desired. Hunts are spot and stalk. Black Bear population is abundant in my area with our hunters seeing up to 50 or more on a seven day hunt. We hunt the southern slopes of hillsides and grass seeded logging roads. This is where the Bears go to eat once out of hibernation. Success has been 100%. Most clients choose to take two Bears. I have taken a lot of record book Bears out of my area. Wolves are also available to harvest.

British Columbia Grizzly Bear
I conduct this hunt in the northern part of my area in the 6000 foot mountains. We hunt by the use of four wheel drive and hunt the slides and grass seeded roads and clear cut blocks. The area is an interior rain forest with large cedar, spruce, and hemlock forests in the valleys. The Cariboo River runs through the valley and has a large salmon run which the Bears feed on before hibernation. Black Bear and Wolves are also available to harvest.

BC Wolf, Mountain Lion & Lynx Hunting
Wolves can be taken on all hunts if you have a tag. They are very hard to predict where they will be and hard to hunt due to the density of our forests. We harvest some every year. In mid winter we take wolves over bait which are successful. Cougar and Lynx hunts available December through February. If interested in a British Columbia wolf, cougar, or lynx hunt, we can put a date together for you.

Meals and Lodging with Cariboo Mountain Outfitters
Accommodations consist of cozy log cabins, both rustic and new with all indoor facilities including showers, fridge’s. We serve superb home cooked meals prepared by Lori, for which she is well known. Enjoy a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

For more information, give Brad a call at 778-786-0847 or visit the Cariboo Mountain Outfitters website…

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