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Black Bear, Grizzly, Moose, Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail, Mountain Lion, Wolf, Coyote, Lynx

British Columbia hunting outfitter offering Moose, Elk, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Whitetail & Mule Deer, Wolf, Coyote, Lynx, and Cougar hunts.

Located in PRIME big game country…
Big Country Outfitters is located in central British Columbia on the North Chilcotin plateau. This part of BC has been made famous by ranching and guiding stories of the past. Our hunting guides (Mike, Karen, Joe & Ursula) are among the best in the business because they live the outfitter lifestyle all year long. All live in the area full-time and take pride in offering the best hunting experience possible for our clients.

We are committed to working hard, continuous improvement, and having a great time. Our guides are local and have extensive knowledge of the area and the game. Our honesty, integrity, and open communication set us apart from other outfits. Whether you hunt with rifle, bow, or black powder…single species or combination hunts…we are the outfitters for you.” Mike Hawkridge, Owner | 877-482-8569

British Columbia Moose Hunting
The bulls in our area can sport antlers wider then 50 inches, with a respectable bull running in at somewhere 40+ inches. In a recent “moose count” conducted by our fish and wildlife, our area had one of the only growing populations. We strive for mature bulls, but do take a few smaller meat bulls each year as well. Typically the rut hunt is the most exciting time to be pursuing big bulls (end of September through mid-October). We use many techniques to get a bull’s “loving” attention… many that have been well kept local guiding secrets. Wall hangers to freezer fill, we have got the British Columbia moose hunt for you.

British Columbia Mule Deer Hunting
Mule deer populations are strong, and signs of whitetail numbers are looking very promising. The Mule deer summer range is up on the plateau and, as falls moves in, they move eastward towards the Fraser River. We offer early season bow only hunts during the first 10 days of deer season, with the remainder of the season open to rifles. In the later part of our deer hunting, we move to ranch land areas where the deer gather together for the rut. There are two different hunting options available to our clients. First would be a focused trophy mule deer hunt, this would best take place later in the season. Our bucks will run from 140 to 190+, with anything over 160 considered a solid buck. The second option is as an add on to a bear or moose hunt. Our hunts are typically spot and stalk, with some glassing involved. Good mule deer are synonymous with the Chilcotin, our area is no exception!

British Columbia Black Bear Hunting
Classic spring bear hunts are one of our favorites. There are a lot of bears out filling up on grass, and their claws and pelts are prime. On a week long hunt it would not be unusual to view 50 different bears; some with size, others with color, and sometimes with both. We place our hunting efforts towards mature boars; in general they will square 6-6 and a half feet. We do take bruisers that run over 7 feet with a matching skull of +19 inches. A classic spot and stalk bear hunt would consist of plenty of glassing, locating, stalking within range, and a whole lot of heart pounding excitement. Bears can be one of the hardest big game animals to pin down, so caliber and shot placement are equally important. Even with a good shot, finding a blood trail with a bear can be a real challenge. We like to make sure a client is in position to make a good follow up shot if it is required. Bears can be hunted both spring and fall, and wolves are an excellent addition. In short British Columbia bear hunting is crazy exciting. We live for it!

BC Cougar & Lynx Hunts
Mule deer from miles around gather in the Fraser basin to winter, making it the perfect habitat for mountain lion and lynx. This is the northern territory for cougars, and this area is known for world class cats. With the help of a talented houndsman and hounds that simply will not quit, clients can expect to get opportunities for both cougar and lynx. We target large toms, which can run over 7 feet long with 15 inch pumpkin heads. Listening to the hounds baying at the bottom of the tree will send excitement shivers up and down your spine. This hunt is a winter hunt; clients should come prepared for changing temperatures and weather conditions. We remain camped out in our predator area during the duration of the hunt, further ensuring our success. Darkness comes quick during the winter months up north, leaving time for everyone to sit back comfortably in the evenings and tell a few lies.

BC Wolf & Coyote Hunts
British Columbia wolf hunting is very much geared towards the client looking for an “out of the ordinary” hunting experience. We begin our work in the fall, replenishing and rebuilding bait piles. During the hunts, we visit the bait stations and look for sign and possibly opportunity. If fresh sign is around, we plan our next move, which will include howling and calling. You simply have not hunted until you are out in the wilderness with wolves howling all around you. At their eerie cries, your heart will almost pound clean out of your chest. A successful wolf hunt can only be compared to summiting Everest. Many world renowned hunters have never had an opportunity, and would give up “higher end” game hunts for a chance at a wolf. We work very hard to remain successful wolf hunters, staying one step ahead of nature’s apex predator is almost a full time job, and we do it.

Other Hunts
Big Country Outfitters offers guided hunting opportunities for many additional big game species. We work closely with some of BC’s premier outfitters, enabling us to offer our clients additional opportunities. Grizzly, Sheep, Elk, and many other species are available with us. Clients can depend on our hard work and knowledge.

For more information, call Mike toll-free at 877-482-8569 or visit the Big Country Outfitters website…

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