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British Columbia hunting outfitter offering Black Bear, Moose, Whitetail & Mule Deer, Bobcat, Lynx, and Mountain Lion hunts.

Let the adventure begin…
We are located in the south-central portion of British Columbia, in the beautiful Thompson-Okanagan region. Our high success rate is a function of the quality game habitat in our large hunting territory. We have diverse terrain that includes large, open grasslands, agriculture lands, rolling coniferous forests and rugged canyon-lands that give our animals the habitat and cover they require to grow large and plentiful. Each hunt is tailored to the desire and physical ability of the client and we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver the hunt you want.

My goal is to ensure that each and every one of you that hunts with us has an unforgettable outdoor experience. I assure you that I will take your hunt as seriously as you do and will work hard to see that you get your game and have a great time doing it.” Neil Findlay, Owner | 250-377-4272

British Columbia Black Bear Hunting (Spring and Fall)
Bearcat Outfitting offers spring black bear hunts as well as fall hunts which are typically conducted as a combination with moose, mule deer and/or whitetail deer. Our spring hunts are primarily conducted in May and we use a combination of spot-and-stalk and pursuit with hounds. Having hounds available provides us with very high success rates and flexibility on how we conduct our hunts. Bears are often spotted by glassing, and if stalking is unsuccessful, we can then employ the help of hounds. The hounds also offer us the ability to scout for large tracks and release the hounds on those tracks deemed to be large boars. British Columbia has a two-bear limit which allows our clients the opportunity to keep hunting if they wish after taking one bear to see if they can harvest an even bigger bear or that one with just the right color. Historically, our territory produces 30-60% color-phase bears and seems to vary by year. Trophy quality is excellent with the majority of our bears breaking the six-foot mark.

British Columbia Cougar, Bobcat, Lynx
Bearcat Outfitters offers top-quality hunts for cougar, bobcat and lynx. Hunts typically occur in December, January and February. Extremely high deer numbers has led to a burgeoning cougar population with many mature toms roaming the forests. Bearcat has had 100% success on cougar hunts for a number of years now. Toms exceeding 170 lbs. have been harvested. The large territory that Bearcat holds, excellent habitat, and low hunting pressure ensures great cougar hunting opportunities. Bobcat always seem to be abundant in the lower-elevation, Douglas-fir forests just above the open grasslands and in the rocky, canyon-type areas. Success on bobcat is almost a certainty as long as there is a bit of fresh snow to work with on a hunt. For the small cats, some fresh snow is important as these cats leave much less sign than their larger cousins the cougar. Bobcats up to 40 lbs. inhabit Bearcat’s territory and the age structure of the population in the area is very healthy. Snowshoe hare population has been on a steady upswing in the last few years and as a result, the lynx population is steadily increasing. A typical day searching for lynx now results in multiple, different tracks being cut in a day. Lynx are the hardest of the Canadian cats to harvest, though, as they are very crafty once they know they are being pursued and they head for the nastiest cover possible. They also like to circle back on themselves once pursued. Also, once the snow gets much more than about 10 inches deep, it is very hard for the hounds to pressure a lynx to tree as the lynx can casually walk along on top of the snow while the hounds are having to plow through it. For this reason, December is the best month to hunt lynx in this area. The availability of healthy populations of the three Canadian cat species leads the adventurous hunter on a quest for a ‘cat trick’ – all three species in one hunt. It is not easy, but definitely achievable, and if successful, would put you in the upper echelon of the cat hunting world. Early December or late November cat hunts can be done in combination with pursuit of mule deer and/or whitetail deer and lead to an unforgettable experience.

British Columbia Moose Hunting
Our moose population is high, and will increase even more in the next 10 years as a result of ideal habitat created by accelerated pine beetle harvest in the area. Bulls are typically 24 – 36 inches wide and 4 to 10 points per side. 40+ inch bulls roam the territory, but are cagey and require a bit of hunters’ luck to harvest. Our moose hunts are perfect for those wanting a quality hunting experience and to bring home hundreds of pounds of some of the best game meat there is. Moose season runs all of October and November. Early October is peak time and calling near the large meadows is very effective. Late November is also an excellent time with snow on the ground allowing for easy glassing or tracking once big tracks are cut. These late hunts are great times to conduct a combination hunt while deer are in the peak of the rut.

British Columbia Whitetail & Mule Deer Hunts
Mule deer are extremely abundant in this area and some very large bucks get harvested every year. Our mule deer hunts are typically done by spot-and-stalk or still hunting in the timber. This hunt isn’t for all potential clients and a hunter must be prepared for at least moderate physical exertion on the mule deer hunts here at Bearcat. Mature mule deer in this part of the world live in quite remote areas for the most part and it must be expected that we will be doing a lot of hiking to find a good buck.
Our whitetail population is constantly increasing and the deer in this area have very good genetics when it comes to antler size. We generally hunt whitetails from stands, but we also do some rattling and some spot-and-stalk. Hunting method is dictated by what is working best at the time. A whitetail hunt at Bearcat may be appealing to the client that isn’t prepared for the physical activity that a mule deer hunt requires. Peak time for mule deer and whitetail deer is November 10 to the end of our rifle season on December 10. Archery-only deer season runs September 1 – 9, and this season receives extremely low pressure in BC so is a good time to hunt before deer get ‘wised-up’ by rifle hunters that hit the field on September 10. There is also a very good chance for a velvet buck in the archery season.

For more information, give Neil a call at 250-377-4272 or visit the Bearcat Outfitters website…

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