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High-Quality Food Plot Planting Equipment, Seeders & Planters

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Golden Valley is a family owned and operated Oklahoma company started at Bramco Inc., a manufacturing company well known for its custom flat beds. Bramco has been an intricate part of Northwest Oklahoma for 24 years, centered in the heart of a luscious wildlife territory. Golden Valley’s staff has over 80 years combined experience in design and steel fabrication with strong backgrounds of avid outdoorsmen and agriculture. The Golden Valley Cultiseeder is made with pride in the USA by Americans.

Our equipment has been engineered to accommodate many different soil conditions and seeding needs. From tilling to seeding and cultipacking, it does it all! Many options are available to suit the specific needs of the customer.

Food Plot Planter by Golden Valley

We have networked with well known experts such as Dr. James Kroll, a.k.a Dr. Deer, for his advice and research. The Golden Valley Cultiseeder is considered as part of Dr. Deer’s “Complete Forage Management System” and has been honored with the Dr. Deer Gold Seal of Approval. Dr. Kroll has been working with White-tailed deer for over 40 years and has a vast amount of knowledge on how to manage land and deer. To take a look at some of his research visit

Our mission is to produce unmatched, quality seeders capable of planting the smallest seeds, such as clover, all the way up to corn and sunflower. The versatility and range of our implements are engineered to meet multiple requirements of customers and their landscapes. The Golden Valley Cultiseeder is just what it takes for keeping trophies on your side of the fence.”

Learn more about Golden Valley’s food plot planting equipment by calling (888) 927-2626 or visiting our website…

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