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The “Anchor Sight” for bows ~ Freedom from the peep

Phone: 218-563-2800
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The Anchor Sight is a scope that is attached to your bow, between you and your pins. The scope houses a magnifying glass that contains a display of tiny characters printed on a glow disc (similar to the cross in a rifle scope). The characters appear larger than they are because of the magnification. The Anchor Sight is attached to your bow (not the string), so what you will actually be seeing is highly-magnified movements of your bow and arrow.

The Anchor Sight allows you to get rid of your peep sight and you won’t have to spend countless hours perfecting your anchor point. Your shooting will become faster, more accurate, and more natural!

Why use an Anchor Sight?
Bow Anchor Sight by Archery Innovations

  • Eliminate the peep sight and shoot your bow better than ever!
  • Execute the perfect shot time and time again.
  • Choose your own natural anchor point.
  • Sensitivity adjustments for perfection.
  • Micro Adjusts for easier installation and sight-ins.
  • Easy view lens allows you to quickly acquire your target.

How to Buy? You can order right off their website! Click Here to visit their online store

Interested in becoming a dealer/distributor? Give Lynn a call at 218-563-2800 or send them an Email. Click Here for their contact page

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