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100% Pure Frozen Whitetail Deer Urine Attractant

Phone: 716-435-6296
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Antler Ice has taken quality to a new level, giving a whole new meaning to the word FRESH. Unlike other deer attractant manufacturers, Antler Ice stops the reproduction of bacteria in urine, and the ever so potent smell of ammonia by freezing the urine within hours of it leaving the deer’s body. Others have claimed to rid the unnatural ammonia smell, but in fact have merely covered it up with the addition of chloroform to their urine.

There is little room for error when pursuing whitetails, especially when it comes to scent control. Man-kind spends countless hours every year trying to figure out a better way to fool the whitetail deers nose. To say deer smell better than humans is an understatement. Antler Ice has delivered a 100% pure, fresh, frozen series of deer urine that can fool even the smartest deer in the woods. When hunters use a deer urine that is not fresh, it could cost their hunt. Increasing the odds is the name of the game, and Antler Ice does just that.

How to Buy? You can order all of Antler Ice’s products right on their website (click here to go to Antler Ice’s online store) and they can also be found at participating stores (click here for dealer locator page).

Interested in Becoming a Dealer/Distributor? Give them a call at 716-435-6296 or visit their contact page by clicking here.

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The Antler Ice Product Line

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